Is Bluehost VPS Hosting Good Over Shared Hosting in 2023?

Are you planning to switch from shared hosting to VPS hosting? Well, this Bluehost VPS hosting review will help you make the right decision.

When it comes to running a website, every user wants their website to be faster and more secure. It's absolutely right, isn't it?

In such a situation, VPS hosting is one such option where you get a faster-loading speed and secure environment over shared hosting.

Whenever newbies start their online journey, then it is extremely challenging for them to find the right web hosting for their website.

But if you want to run a high-performance website from the very beginning, then you should definitely go for VPS hosting instead of shared hosting.

On shared hosting, we would advise you to stick with it only as long as the number of visitors to your website is very less.

But if the number of visitors to your website is high or it is growing rapidly, then VPS hosting is the best option.

So in this article, we will explain complete guidance about Bluehost VPS hosting, so that you know whether it is right for you or not.

Bluehost VPS Hosting: Is It Worth Your Money?

Bluehost VPS Review: Is It Good Over Shared Hosting?
Bluehost VPS Hosting Review
Well VPS hosting means "Virtual Private Server". Read this article "Different Types of Web Hosting" to know what is VPS hosting, and its advantages, and disadvantages.

What Features Does Bluehost Offer In VPS Hosting?

So let's take a look at the great features offered by Bluehost VPS Hosting below:
  • 30 to 120 SSD Storage
  • Full Root Access
  • 1 TB to 3 TB Monthly Network Bandwidth
  • 2 to 8 GB RAM
  • 1 Free Domain for the first year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Enhanced cPanel Environment
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • 24/7 VPS Support
  • Dedicated Server Resources (RAM, CPU, and Storage)
  • Host Unlimited Domains and Websites
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

So as you have seen above, Bluehost offers a lot of wonderful features on its VPS hosting plans. So are you ready to give Bluehost VPS Hosting a try?

What are the Reasons to choose Bluehost VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting?

As we told you that VPS hosting is a very good option for running a high-performing website. So let us tell you what are the reasons for choosing Bluehost VPS Hosting.

1. High-Performance

VPS hosting gives you more control over your servers than shared web hosting.

As you know that on shared hosting many users use the same server, that is, the website of many users is hosted on the same operating system (OS).

Shared hosting is cheap, but its biggest disadvantage is that if one user's website exceeds a limit such as bandwidth, the loading speed of the rest of the website (hosted on the same server) also slows down.

Apart from this, if there is a malicious attack on one website, then the rest of the website hosted on the same server is also affected.

But if you go to VPS hosting then your website remains free from all these serious issues because here you get your own dedicated RAM and CPU usage.

Apart from this, in VPS hosting, you get full root access to the server, which is clearly lacking in shared hosting.

The advantage is that you can make configuration changes to your server whenever you want and as per your requirement.

Another important point is that in VPS hosting the server is split into multiple VPS servers where you are provided with guaranteed resources. Its drawback can be clearly seen in shared hosting.

These are some of the factors of VPS Hosting that greatly improve the performance of your website as compared to shared hosting.

2. Full Root Access

Do you know what is root access? Root access simply refers to administrator access.

In other words, you get full admin powers to access and modify your hosting server.

Overall you get control over your server. Hence, you can access and able to edit, delete or move all the files on your server as per your requirement whenever you want.

Of course, the root access feature is a very useful and great feature but we would recommend using it only if you know how to use it or you know what you are doing. Because even a small mistake here can cost a lot.

So let us come to the point, Root Access is one of the amazing features of Bluehost VPS hosting and also the biggest reason to choose it.

Bluehost offers the cPanel control panel, where you will have full access to CentOS, which means you can have complete control over your hosting servers.

The major point is, you can easily use root to install and uninstall programs on your hosting server.

3. 24/7 VPS Hosting Assistance

Well, we highly appreciate a web hosting provider that provides excellent customer support service, and Bluehost is one of them.

Although Bluehost's support system on shared hosting is a bit disappointing (not always), but on VPS hosting, Bluehost deploys a separate dedicated support team that is ready to assist their customers' problems 24/7.

You can contact Bluehost's dedicated support team via telephone and live chat whenever you need any hosting assistance. To get a faster response from the team, connect with them via live chat.

4. Instant Provisioning

Do you want to go to a VPS hosting provider that takes hours or even days to set up and run your website? not at all.

Well, here is where Bluehost comes in handy. Bluehost has designed its VPS servers for instant provisioning, which means you can have your website up and running in a matter of seconds.

In short, as soon as you buy a VPS hosting plan from Bluehost, you can use your server when you need it. you don't have to wait at all.

5. Robust Security

The biggest reason to choose VPS hosting over shared hosting is the robust security features offered in it.

As you know that in VPS hosting the server is split into multiple VPS servers, due to which you do not have to share your server and resources with any other user.

In such a situation, its biggest advantage is that you get better security for your website.

Bluehost offers SSL certificates on all its VPS hosting plans, for which you are not charged any additional fees.

Its advantage is that it provides a secure connection to your website. If you sell a product or service through your website, it protects the personal information of your customers.

One of the best security features of Bluehost is that it gives you access control, through which you can completely secure your VPS hosting account by creating a password very easily.

This may sound very basic, but it is an extremely superior security feature.

To understand this better, you can create a password for specific access, such as a different password for ownership information, or a different password for server administration and you can create a master password for everything to manage your hosting account.

Basically, you can protect your hosting account from getting hacked by creating multiple passwords.

6. Full Database Management

Do you like to manage your database? If yes, then this is also another reason to choose Bluehost VPS hosting.

You will also get full database management access on Bluehost, through which you can easily organize, edit and manage databases directly on the server using a custom-designed database manager.

7. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on VPS hosting, which you can use if you are not happy with its hosting services.

If you are not satisfied with Bluehost's VPS hosting then you can cancel the plan within 30 days of purchasing the plan and get a full refund.

But you have to keep in mind that if you had availed free domain registration while buying the VPS plan, then the fee of domain name (approx $10 to $15) will be deducted from your total paid amount.

8. Easy-to-Use Control Panel

If you go with a VPS hosting solution that provides access to the control panel, it becomes even easier for you to manage your hosting account.

So Bluehost offers cPanel Control Panel where you get different tools (many additional tools as compared to shared hosting) and you can manage everything related to your hosting including your domain, email, etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bluehost's VPS Hosting?

So let's take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of Bluehost VPS Hosting below:

Pros of Bluehost VPS Hosting (Good)

  • Bluehost offers Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage, Which offers high faster loading times as compared to traditional hard drives and at the same time provides higher performance.
  • To secure your server connection Bluehost provides an SSL certificate absolutely free with all VPS plans. In short, it switches the URL of your website from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Bluehost offers a dedicated support team in VPS hosting, which is always ready (24/7) to assist you via phone and live chat.
  • Bluehost VPS hosting plans are very affordable.
  • Here you get one free domain registration for the first year with each VPS hosting plan. You can register the top-level domain of your choice.
  • Here you are allowed to host unlimited websites and domains on all VPS hosting plans.
  • Here you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on VPS plans, which comes in handy when you are not happy with your hosting services.

Cons of Bluehost VPS Hosting (Bad)

  • Bluehost charges extra for Domain Privacy, Backup feature (CodeGuard Basic), and SiteLock Essentials. Although, You can remove these additional features from billing at checkout if you wish, but these are all important add-on features that you will have to pay an additional fee to take advantage of.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing

Bluehost offers three pricing packages in its VPS Hosting, which are as follows:
Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans and Pricing
1. Standard VPS Plan: This is the introductory plan from Bluehost VPS hosting which costs you $19.99 per month

This is the best plan for entry-level websites or for beginners. The following features are provided to you with this plan:
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • Host Unlimited Websites and Domains
  • 1 Free Domain for the first year
  • 30 GB SSD Storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address

2. Enhanced VPS Plan: This is the most recommended VPS hosting plan from Bluehost which costs you $29.99 per month.

If you run a small website or run a small business website or an eCommerce store, then this plan is perfect for you. The following features are provided to you with this plan:
  • 2 Cores CPU
  • Host Unlimited Websites and Domains
  • 1 Free Domain for the first year
  • 60 GB SSD Storage
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses

3. Ultimate VPS Plan: This is the advanced VPS hosting plan from Bluehost where you get more power and resources. It costs you $59.99 per month.

If you run a large website that gets a lot of traffic per month then you can definitely go with the Ultimate plan. The following features are provided to you with this plan:
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • Host Unlimited Websites and Domains
  • 1 Free Domain for the first year
  • 120 GB SSD Storage
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 3 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 IP Addresses

Would we suggest you go with Bluehost VPS Hosting?

We have been using Bluehost's hosting service on one of our main websites for the past several years and have never encountered any major problems.

But the customer support is disappointing at times, but only on shared hosting plans.

We or any member of our team has never faced customer support or any other technical issue on VPS hosting from Bluehost.

We would definitely recommend you to go with VPS hosting plans from Bluehost because here you are offered VPS plans at affordable prices. But it is in your hands to take the final decision.

You can also try other alternatives to Bluehost and there are many other best VPS hosting providers in the market that you can definitely consider.

Final Verdict on Bluehost VPS Hosting

The best part about Bluehost VPS hosting is that as soon as you create your account, you can easily upgrade to more resources from within your customer dashboard.

Bluehost offers to you your own resources on VPS hosting due to which your users enjoy faster loading speed and also vastly improved user experience.

Bluehost VPS hosting offers all the features that a WordPress website needs. But there is an extra charge for the backup facility, which definitely disappoints us.

Otherwise, here you get superior customer support, high uptime, great security, a money-back guarantee, and much more, and that too at an affordable price.

So what are your thoughts about Bluehost VPS Hosting Guide mentioned above, do let us know your opinion in the comment box below

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