What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work? Pros and Cons

You must have heard about ChatGPT recently and it has become so popular in a very short span of time.

There are many well-known smartphone applications in the world, which have taken a long time to cross the 1 million users mark.

When Facebook launched its application, it took 10 months to cross 1 million users, and Netflix took 41 months.

But it took only 2 months for Instagram to cross the 1 million user mark, which was a record.

The best part is that ChatGPT has broken all these records and has crossed 1 million users within 5 days of its launch. Isn't it interesting?

After all, what is it about ChatGPT that has become so popular in such a short time?

We have heard many people saying that this ChatGPT gives such accurate answers that it is able to beat even the biggest search engine like Google.

Is chatGPT really capable of defeating Google? So let's know what is ChatGPT, how you can use it, how it works, and what are its pros and cons.

The Complete Information about ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work? Pros and Cons
What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work? Pros and Cons

ChatGPT Overview

ChatGPT Full Form
Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer
Launch Date
30th November 2022
Sam Altman
AI Chatbot
Proprietary Software

Let us tell you that Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT started working on ChatGPT from the year 2015, in which Elon Musk was also involved with him.

But Elon Musk left this project in the middle. When the project started, it operated as a non-profit company.

Interestingly, the ChatGPT project was later invested in by Microsoft company co-founder Bill Gates and was launched in the year 2022.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot, which is designed by OpenAI. Here GPT stands for "Generative Pre-Trained Transformer".

It is basically a free language model, designed to generate human-like text, which works on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

This amazing software was launched on 30th November 2022, and within just 5 days, 1 million users registered their accounts on it.

Through this tool, you can get general information on any topic, such as you can get answers to any of your questions, coding information, scripts, essay, email formatting, etc.

Basically, this Chatbot is a smart AI system that is capable of answering almost all the queries of the users.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

It would not be wrong to say that ChatGPT works like a search engine.

As you see this tool is recently launched and it currently generates content in the English language only.

In the coming days, the company can also add many other languages to it.

If you search for a query on Google, then many websites related to it appear in front of you. But ChatGPT does just the opposite.

Actually, whatever question you search here, you are shown the direct answer to that question.

This is the major difference between Google and ChatGPT.

The developers who designed ChatGPT used public data available on the Internet to train it.

Here whatever question you ask to this chatbot, the answer is presented to you in an accurate and correct format after finding it from the data collected from the internet.

The best part is that here after you are asked your questions, you are also given an option of whether you are satisfied with the answers or not.

Keeping in mind the feedback received from the users, it updates its data in a better way.

Features of ChatGPT

So let us now know about some useful features of Chat GPT below.
  • Here the answers to your asked questions are presented to you in a few seconds (or instantly).
  • Using this, you can prepare essays, emails, letters, stories, scripts, etc. in very less time.
  • It answers your questions in very simple words
  • ChatGPT generates human-like text using AI technology
  • Its smart AI system can provide detailed answers
  • It keeps on updating its data according to the feedback received from the users.

How To Use ChatGPT? How to Sign Up on ChatGPT?

You can also access ChatGPT by visiting their official website or you can also install their application on your smartphone.

The sign-up process is exactly the same on both devices and it's absolutely free.

You can use ChatGPT only after registering an account, for this you have to follow the procedure mentioned below.

Step 1: First of all, you have to visit their official website by clicking on this link. On the landing page that will open in front of you, you will have to click on the given 'signup' button.
How to create an account on ChatGPT?

Step 2: In the next window, you will have to use your email ID to sign up. You can use any of your emails to create your account.

Otherwise, you are also given the option to continue with Google or Microsoft account. Most users use their Gmail ID, for which you can click on 'Continue with Google' and select the Gmail ID from which you want to sign up.

The process is the same for all.

Step 3: In the next window you will have to enter your mobile number, on which you will get an OTP. After entering the OTP you will proceed to the next step.


Step 4: Now you are all set to use ChatGPT, and in the next step you will see an interface like this. See below:
As you can see in the above screenshot you have been given a search bar, where you can type any question and then get the solution or answers.

I would like to tell you one more thing currently using ChatGPT is absolutely free and you are not being charged any kind of fee as it is in the Beta version.

There is no disclosure regarding whether it remains free in the future or whether you are charged any fee.

What are some examples of ChatGPT?

To test ChatGPT, we asked a few questions related to different categories. Let's see what results we got:

1) Travel Itinerary: We first requested for a 5 Nights 6 Days Dubai Itinerary and Chat GPT prepared the itinerary for us in very simple words and in the correct format.

2) Create an Essay: We requested a 500-word essay on Christmas and then Chat GPT wrote an essay of exactly 500 words on Christmas.
Chat GPT

3) Generate Code: By using ChatGPT, you can also generate code

4) Get Recipes: You can get recipes for any dish

5) Get Business Tips: You can create plans for your business
Chat GPT

These are just some very basic examples of ChatGPT. It has so much potential and power that you can create almost anything using this chatbot.

What are the Pros and Cons of ChatGPT?

So below now we find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT.

Pros of ChatGPT

  • This is an absolutely free platform
  • You can create a smartphone application by using ChatGPT
  • Here users get direct detailed answers to their queries.
  • By using ChatGPT you can write novels, stories, scripts, and more
  • You can generate topic and content ideas for your blog, website, and YouTube channel.
  • Here the questions asked by the users are saved automatically. Through this, you can get the data of your old questions
  • Through this, you can fix your programming language errors
  • You can generate emails formatting

Cons of ChatGPT

  • It is currently free, but users may be charged for using it in the future. So you can use ChatGPT for free for a limited time only.
  • Of course, this smart AI system has answers to all your questions, but it only has limited data.
  • It is unable to give accurate answers to a few questions. Also, it is not able to give information about upcoming events. Here you can hardly find any information about upcoming events.
  • Being in its research stage, it supports only the English language. So at the moment, it is useful only for those users who know the English language.

Is chatGPT capable of defeating Google?

This is a question that is being discussed everywhere and everyone wants to know whether ChatGPT is able to beat the biggest search engine like Google?

So the answer is 'NO'. ChatGPT is certainly a smart AI system, but it is not powerful enough to beat Google. There is only a limited amount of data available.

The most important thing is that this chatbot can answer only in text format. Whereas on Google you can get data in the form of videos, images, audio, and other formats as well.

The current status of chatGPT is not such that it can defeat Google in any way.

But if in the future developers make chatGPT more powerful by continuously upgrading it, then maybe it can give tough competition to Google.

Final Verdict on ChatGPT

In this article, we have covered almost everything related to ChatGPT.

But one question still comes to the mind of many people is whether ChatGPT can eliminate human jobs as well.

Due to chatGPT, freelancers and web developers can be affected the most, because through this every person can easily create scripts and content. Apart from this, users can create apps and websites through coding, etc.

Overall, ChatGPT is such a powerful tool through which internet users can save a lot of time.

It's completely free for now, so I think you should definitely take advantage of it

What do you think about ChatGPT? Do you have any questions about ChatGPT? Comment below.

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