Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Review After 1 Year Of Use

If you are planning to buy Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr or you are looking for the best Water Geyser for your home, then you have come to the right place.

I am using this water heater from the last 1 Year and that is why in this article you will get an honest review about Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr.

In this article, we will discuss about the installation, specification, heating time, pressure, and pros and cons of this water geyser.

So without much ado let us begin!

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater (Geyser) Review
Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr 5 Star Rated Storage Water Heater (Geyser) Review
Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Review

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Installation (Charges or Free)

I bought this Crompton Amica water geyser from the online shopping app Amazon on 29th September 2022 as you can see in the below screenshot:
Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Review
So as you see in the above screenshot I placed the order on 29th September 2022 and it was delivered to my home after 2 days i.e. on 1st October 2022.

Now it comes to installation.

There are many such water heater geysers available on online shopping apps, on which you have to either take the help of a mechanic in your nearest local market or pay an extra charge to the technician from the company for installation.

But the best thing about Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr is that it comes with free installation and all necessary kits

You get all the required kits inside the product box and you do not need to buy any accessories separately.

When the product was delivered to my home, immediately after that I called the customer care number of Crompton company and told them about my product and requested a technician visit.

So after booking the technician from customer care, they told me that your geyser will be installed within 48 hours.

But the best part was that the very next day the technician came to our house and installed the water heater.

Now we could finally use our brand new water heater (The happy moment).

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Heating Time

As per the brand, this water comes with a powerful heating element with a 1200 gm superior heating element for faster heating.

The company also claims that this water heater heats water to 45 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes.

When we used this water heater, it actually heated 15 liters of water in 10 to 12 minutes. Sometimes it takes up to 15 minutes in extremely cold weather to heat the water, which is perfectly normal.

This Crompton Amica geyser is suitable for 2 to 3 persons. Well, it totally depends on your usage but from my experience 2 to 3 people can use it very well after heating water once.

Another good thing about this water heater is that it comes with a thermal cut-off feature, under which it automatically turns off after the water gets heated, i.e. goes into standby mode.

Overall, if you forget to turn it off, it will not consume much power at all.

In earlier times, if you forgot to switch off the water heater after use, then the chances of it getting damaged or bursting were very high. But this water heater is absolutely safe for your use and energy-efficient too.

Another thing worth mentioning about this water heater is that it keeps water warm for up to 12 to 15 hours, which is very good.

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Water Pressure

This water heater comes with 8 bar of pressure which is perfect for high-rise apartments and buildings.

I live in a high-rise building, and you know very well how high the water pressure is in high-rise apartments.

So basically I live on the 15th floor, and I have not faced any kind of problem regarding water pressure with this water heater.

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Features

1) Energy-Efficient: This water heater comes with a 5-star rated which reduces power consumption.

Apart from this, we have told you that it heats water in just 10 to 12 minutes, and then automatically goes into standby mode through the thermal cut-off feature.

Moreover, once the water is heated, it also keeps the water hot for up to 12 to 15 hours.

2) 3-Level Safety: Before choosing any product, we should not compromise on safety at all.

This Crompton Amica water heater comes with 3-level protection.

It has a shockproof body and they check all parameters for protection against electric shock.

Apart from this, if there is a sudden power cut and voltage fluctuation, then it can remain completely safe even in such situations.

It automatically shuts down all the functions in any such situation.

3) Anti-Rust Body: This geyser comes with a metallic body that is powder coated to make it rust-proof. 

Let us tell you that its advantage is that it keeps your geyser rust-proof for a longer time and you can use it for more years.

4) Temperature Control Knob: A black colored temperature control knob has been provided on the front bottom of the geyser, through which you can set the temperature of heating water as per your wish. It is also effective in reducing power consumption.

5) Smart Shield: This water heater is equipped with a specially designed sacrificial magnesium anode rod, which has a stainless steel core.

It is designed to protect the inner tank from corrosive elements and thereby prolong the life of the water heater.

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Specification

So let's now take a look at the specification of this water heater.

Model No.
Origin Country
15 Litres
Energy Rated
5 Stars
black and White
36 x 36 x 49 cm
2000 Watts
240 Volts
Maximum Pressure
8 Bars
2 Years on Product and
7 Years on Tank
Product Weight
8.20 kg

Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr Pros and Cons

  • It is energy-efficient and comes with the 5-Star Rated
  • 15 Litres Storage is sufficient for up to 3 family members
  • The faster heating process, which takes up to 10 minutes to heat water (A powerful Heating Element)
  • Automatic Thermal Cut-Off
  • Free Installation
  • 3-Level Safety
  • Shock Proof Body
  • Anti-Rust Body
  • Robust Body
  • Temperature Control Knob
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 2 Years Warranty on Product and 7 Years on Inner Tank

  • As of now, I have not found any flaws in this product. If I find any flaws in the future, I will definitely share.

Final Verdict of Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr

As you can see in this article I am using this water geyser for the last 1 Year, and I am completely satisfied with it. This is not a Paid Review, I have shared my own experience here.

Now the question is, would I recommend Crompton Amica Geyser 15 Ltr to you? So the answer is yes, you must buy this geyser. The best part is that it comes with free installation.

Before buying this water geyser, I did a lot of research in my nearest market and on the internet and also checked many different water heaters.

But I found this water heater to be the best, most attractive, and great to use.

However, in the local market, you will find this water heater a bit costlier than online, so buying online is a better option.

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