Is Fiverr Legit and Safe? | How Does Fiverr Work? Pros & Cons

"Fiverr" - You must have heard the name. Fiverr is one such platform which is used to outsource your projects.

If you are not sure whether using Fiverr to outsource your projects is the right option or not, then you have come to the right article.

In this article, we will provide you with complete information about this platform.

Fiverr is such a huge platform in the online industry that if you are a freelancer then you can generate a very good income by providing thousands of services here.

And if you are a buyer then you can find thousands of services here to outsource your project, that too at affordable prices.

So if you want to know all about Fiverr then definitely read this article till the end.

Here, we are going to discuss what Fiverr is, how it works, whether is it a secure platform, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and much more.

We can confidently say that by the end of this article all your doubts about Fiverr will be cleared.

Is Fiverr Legitimate or a Scam? 2023: Complete Guide

Is Fiverr Legit and Safe? | How Does Fiverr Work? Pros & Cons
Is Fiverr Legit and Safe? | How Does Fiverr Work? Pros & Cons

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace, founded in the year 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. This platform is exclusively used for freelancing services.

At the moment, Fiverr provides service with more than 500 categories, but when the company started in the year 2010, it provided service with only 8 categories at that time.

Each service provided on Fiverr is called a "gig". By the year 2012, Fiverr had achieved the landmark of 1.3 million gigs, which means that by the year 2012, Fiverr had reached 1.3 million buyers.

Fiverr is one of the fastest-growing marketplace platforms on the internet, which served its services to over 5 million buyers by the year 2021.

According to some sources, 55% to 58% of the buyers are those who like to take the services again and again from Fiverr's freelancers.

I would like to tell you a very interesting fact about Fiverr, there are more than 11,000,000 businesses around the world that take services from Fiverr freelancers to grow their business.

How Does Fiverr Work?

As we told you that Fiverr is an online marketplace, and it is a two-sided market, which means that you can use Fiverr in two different ways – as a freelancer (seller) or as a buyer.

To use Fiverr, you must first create your account in both cases, which is absolutely free.

First of all, let us tell you that there are many gigs available on Fiverr, such as proofreading, web designing, video editing, digital marketing, content writing, and many more.

If you are a freelancer, you can create a gig on Fiverr based on the category of your expertise.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, you can find whatever service you want on Fiverr. Once you find a gig, you will have to pay the money in advance to Fiverr for that gig.

Whichever freelancer you choose to outsource your project to, the seller must complete your work on time and then deliver the gig to you.

Once a seller delivers a Gig to a buyer, Fiverr gives the buyer an option to revise that Gig.

The seller can withdraw their money from their account after 14 days from the date of completion of the order.

After gaining good experience on Fiverr, if the freelancer becomes a top-rated seller, they can withdraw their money in 7 days instead of 14 days.

Gigs on Fiverr start from as low as $5. If you work as a freelancer (seller) on Fiverr, Fiverr will give you 80% of the fulfillment of each order.

Is Fiverr Legit or Scam?

Newbies often have questions about whether Fiverr is a legitimate platform or a scam. This question is not only in the mind of the buyers but also in the mind of the seller.

The biggest concern of the buyers is whether they will get the service after paying the money to Fiverr. While the seller's concern is, will Fiverr pay them after the order is completed?

Let us tell you that Fiverr is a 100% legit platform, where your money is completely safe.

Here you can find millions of freelancers to outsource your projects. But the question is how will you choose the best among those millions of freelancers, we will tell you further in this article.

There are many marketplace platforms available on the internet, but Fiverr is considered to be the top and largest platform for buyers and sellers.

Fiverr has won the trust of its buyers and sellers in a very short span of time due to its excellent services.

As of today, more than 750 employees work in Fiverr company, and in the year 2021, the company generated a revenue of $298 million.

So let us tell you again that Fiverr is the most reliable and legit platform to outsource your projects, where you can get millions of buyers, sellers, and services.

Even if you are a seller, Fiverr is a great marketplace platform for you to make money online.

How to Choose the Best Gig from Fiverr? Few Tips

Although there is no possibility of scams on Fiverr, but before choosing any gig, you should consider some important things, so that you can avoid any kind of fraud on Fiverr.

Few tips to choose the best gig on Fiverr without losing your money.

1) Select Top Rated Seller On Fiverr

If you are looking for the best service to outsource your projects on Fiverr and want to avoid scams, make sure to get service from top-rated sellers or freelancers.

Fiverr has designed its interface in such a way that anyone can use it very easily. Here you can easily find top-rated sellers.

You can use the search bar to find any service of your choice. Apart from this, you can also select the service from the side filters on the Fiverr dashboard.

Once you find the service, you will have to use some filters so that you can get the best service.

See the screenshot below:
How to Select Top Rated Seller On Fiverr
As you can see above, you have to apply some filters if you want better-quality work.

First of all, you have to click on "Seller Details" at the top. You will then click on "Top Rated Sellers", then select the preferred "Language" and then select the seller's "Residing Country".

NOTE: If you want to find the cheapest gig, you can select "New Seller" when applying filters.

2) Make Sure To Check Out The Freelancer's Work Samples

As a buyer, before opting for any gig on Fiverr, definitely check out a few samples of the seller's work.

The work sample will help you know whether the seller can provide you with the services you are expecting.

Whichever seller you want to choose, contact them first and then ask for samples of their work.

Some sellers will refuse to show you samples, but most of them will definitely show samples of their work.

If you will like their work samples, you can finalize the gig.

However, before finalizing a gig, you should definitely contact the seller concerned with your order and ensure that they meet the requirements of your project.

Let me tell you one more thing if you are a buyer and don't have time to find a gig on your own, Fiverr also gives you the option to “Post a Request”.

Fiverr Review
Once you click on “Post a Request”, you will have to write a few words about the service you require.

In the second step, you have to choose the category and then select the delivery time.

Lastly, you can enter the budget details and then click on "Submit Request".

Once you submit your request, you will automatically get some offers in your Fiverr inbox. Whichever offer you like, you can pay Fiverr to finalize that gig.

When the seller delivers the project to you once it is ready, be sure to revise it once.

3) Make Sure To Check Out The Customer Reviews

We have seen too many buyers who ignore customer reviews and feedback before finalizing a gig on Fiverr and then don't feel satisfied with not getting the desired results afterward.

So you should never do such mistakes and must read customer reviews before finalizing any gig on Fiverr.

Fiverr Review: Make Sure To Check Out The Customer Reviews
You can learn more about the sellers by reading customer reviews.

Things to keep in mind while reading customer reviews:
  • You should try to read as many customer reviews as possible to make sure that the reviews are not fake.
  • While reading the reviews, also check the number of days the seller delivers the project to the buyers.
  • Whether the price at which they are offering the services is fair or not.

If I tell you as a buyer, then I definitely consider negative reviews as well, because negative reviews are a very good way to know whether all reviews are fake or not.

So that's why you must also pay attention to all the negative reviews.

4) Don't Lock Deals With Sellers From Outside Fiverr

To avoid getting scammed on Fiverr, never finalize a deal with a seller outside the platform.

There are many sellers on Fiverr who force buyers to deal with them outside the Fiverr platform.

If a seller tells you so, it could be a scam. Often sellers do this to save their commission on Fiverr.

If you look at Fiverr's Terms of Service, Fiverr itself clearly mentions that there is no guarantee of any payment outside their platform.

So whenever you finalize a deal on Fiverr, always pay on the Fiverr platform itself. Thus, if you do not like the service, then you can get a refund and you can avoid scams.

5) Do Not Mark Orders As Completed

As a buyer when you finalize a gig on Fiverr to outsource your project, Fiverr gives you the option to "mark the orders as completed", once the seller delivers the project to you after completion.

There are many sellers on Fiverr who force new buyers to mark the order as completed without actually completing it.

If this happens to you then you have to understand that the seller is cheating you. Because once you mark the order as complete Fiverr will release the payment to the seller.

In fact, when the seller delivers the project to you, the first thing you need to do is revise the project thoroughly.

Mark the orders as completed only if you are satisfied with the seller's work.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fiverr?

To understand the Fiverr platform more deeply, it is very important to discuss its pros and cons.

Pros of Fiverr (Good)

  • Fiverr provides you excellent Customer Support Service 24/7.
  • Fiverr is the best and most affordable platform to outsource your project where gigs (services) start as low as $5.
  • On Fiverr, you can easily find top-rated sellers by applying filters to outsource your project.
  • Fiverr is a legitimate online marketplace platform where your payment amount is completely safe.
  • If you don't like the service, you can easily get a refund. Don't approve the seller's work until you are satisfied with the project.
  • If you have good knowledge about any service offered on the Fiverr platform, then you can earn good money by working as a freelancer (seller) on Fiverr.
  • Fiverr offers countless services - writing, SEO marketing, web designing, video editing, digital marketing, etc. Here you can easily find gigs for any type of project.
  • Many top companies (Facebook, Google, P&G, PayPal, Netflix, etc.) in the world consider Fiverr's services to be the most reliable.

Cons of Fiverr (Bad)

  • Of course, the gigs offered on Fiverr start as low as $5 but if you demand high-quality service then the charges can be quite high.
  • Most of the top-rated sellers will refuse to take your project because they have too many pending orders left in the queue.
  • As a buyer, if you want your order to be completed before the deadline, you may have to pay extra for this to Fiverr.

Fiverr's Customer Ratings and Reviews

Let's find out what ratings and reviews real customers give to Fiverr.
Fiverr's Customer Ratings and Reviews
As you can see over 8000 real users on Trustpilot have rated Fiverr.

Real users rated Fiverr 3.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and 62% of users rated it 5 stars, which is pretty good.

The Three Best Fiverr Alternatives

There are many online marketplaces in the industry from where you can outsource your projects.

Here below we have discussed some of the best Fiverr alternatives from where you can outsource your project at a reasonable price without compromising the quality.

1) UpWork

UpWork is considered one of the best alternatives to Fiverr, and the second-largest online marketplace in the industry.

UpWork is also a very reliable platform. But the way of working here is a bit different from Fiverr. In fact, on UpWork buyers are given the option to post a job.

Meaning buyers have to post jobs related to whatever service they need. After that many freelancers send their proposals with offers (price bids) to the buyers.

As a buyer, you can hire the seller who sent you the best proposal and offer.

Pros of UpWork
  • UpWork offers you 24/7 Customer Support Service
  • Many top companies (GoDaddy, Microsoft, Bissell, Airbnb, etc.) in the world consider UpWork's services to be reliable.
  • UpWork also offers countless services like Fiverr which you can outsource at affordable rates.
  • In UpWork, you have to pay only when you approve the seller's work
  • If you are a seller or a buyer, your money is absolutely safe on UpWork

Cons of UpWork
  • It may take time for new freelancers to get work initially on UpWork as they need to get good reviews from their buyers to get more work on the platform

2) Freelancer

Like Fiverr, Freelancer is also the biggest marketplace platform in the industry. You will get over 50 million sellers to outsource your projects on the Freelancer platform.

Apart from this, the Freelancer platform offers more than 1800 services such as website design, mobile apps, graphic design, proofreading, article writing, ghostwriting, 3D modeling, internet marketing, data entry, etc.

Pros of Freelancer
  • Many top companies (Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, NASA, Airbus, etc.) use freelancers to outsource their projects.
  • More than 1800 categories are offered on Freelancer
  • Freelancer provides an on-page chat option on its interface which makes it very easy to have live communication between buyers and sellers.
  • You do not need to pay in advance on Freelancer. You will have to pay the money only after the work is completed.
  • It is very simple and easy to post jobs on Freelancer

Cons of Freelancer
  • Due to the lack of filters on a freelancer, it becomes a bit difficult to find high-quality sellers.

3) PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another best alternative to Fiverr. It is a UK-based freelancing market platform, founded in the year 2007 by Xenios Thrasyvoulou and Simos Kitiris.

All the freelancers on this platform are very experienced and experts in their profession. You can easily find a professional freelancer here to outsource your project.

More than 3 million freelancers work on PeoplePerHour and here you are offered more than 8700 services.

Pros of PeoplePerHour
  • The PeoplePerHour customer support service is awesome and is available 24/7 to help you.
  • At PeoplePerHour, you can find many professional freelancers within your budget to outsource your projects.
  • As a buyer, it is very easy to post a job on PeoplePerHour
  • PeoplePerHour has a very easy-to-use interface
  • Your money is completely safe at PeoplePerHour, as the platform offers you a money-back guarantee and anti-fraud protection
  • PeoplePerHour is the best platform for experienced freelancers because here you can choose your own rates based on your experience
  • All the freelancers here are professionals, so as a buyer, you can expect excellent service. However, always check the seller's ratings and reviews before outsourcing the project.

Cons of PeoplePerHour
  • Prices are way too high here compared to Fiverr

Final Verdict: Is Fiverr the Right Platform To Outsource Your Project?

Are you still wondering whether Fiverr is the right platform to outsource your project or not?

As a buyer, we mostly use the Fiverr platform to outsource many of our projects. So we can confidently say that Fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces in the industry.

We would like to say once again that if you want to get the best service at affordable prices to outsource your project then Fiverr is the best place for that.

Now if you think that you are ready to outsource your project from Fiverr, then click here to get Fiverr Services.

If you want to know anything more about Fiverr, or if you have any queries, you can definitely leave your comment in the below comment box.

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