Is Zyro a Good Website Builder 2023: Review with Pros & Cons

Are you looking for a website builder that is affordable, popular, reliable, user-friendly, and also beginner-friendly? Try Zyro.

Zyro is an affordable website builder that provides you with an excellent interface as well as many powerful tools, giving you more control over your work.

There are many users who have neither the time nor the experience to build a website. Sometimes even building a website from scratch seems like a cumbersome task.

So to make your work easy Zyro Website Builder is a boon through which you can easily create personal or business websites without any hassle. It even allows you to build your own eCommerce site.

Here you are also provided with great features like copy generator and logo-building tool, which is useful for building and running a basic website.

However, there are many leading website builders in the industry that are extremely scalable and advanced compared to Zyro.

But Zyro is affordable among all and has all the basic features that are enough to build and run a great attractive website.

Moreover, Zyro has regularly made some improvements over the years due to which it is considered one of the best website builders out there.

Now here in this article, we will do an in-depth review of Zyro Website Builder and also know whether it is the right choice for you or not.

Zyro Website Builder Review 2023: Complete Guide

Is Zyro a Good Website Builder: Review with Pros & Cons
Is Zyro a Good Website Builder: Review with Pros & Cons

What is Zyro Website Builder?

Zyro is a privately held software company offering website builders and artificial intelligence software.

The company was founded in the year 2019 and is a subsidiary of the world's most popular web-hosting brand "Hostinger".

Yes, you read that right, Zyro is a DIY website builder powered by Hostinger.

Basically, it is a drag-and-drop platform, which runs on artificial intelligence techniques and allows you to build a website without any coding knowledge.

Interestingly, Zyro is pronounced like "Zero," but it gives tough competition to the top-notch companies that offer website builders.

However, if you run a large business or have large stores, we wouldn't recommend Zyro at all. But it works great for small businesses.

What features does Zyro offer with its Website Builder?

Here we will discuss what incredible features Zyro provides with its Website Builder. Let's have a look below:
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free Domain Name for a Year
  • Free Email for 3 Months
  • Free Web Hosting (Cloud Hosting)
  • AI Logo Maker
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • WhatsApp Live Chat
  • Blogging Tools
  • Google Tag Manager
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • SSL Certificate
  • Designer Crafted Templates
  • Messenger Live Chat
  • Visitor Remarketing
  • Embed Code
  • 99.9%Uptime Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • And more

So as you can see above, Zyro offers tons of useful features with its website builder. So are you ready to give Zyro a try?

What are the pros and Cons of Zyro Website Builder?

Zyro has several features that enable it to compete with other website builders. But there are some things which need improvement.

Pros of Zyro Website Builder (Advantages)

1) Excellent Uptime and Site Performance

As we told you above that Zyro is powered by Hostinger, so you can be worry-free about the loading speed and uptime.

Hostinger is a great web hosting brand, so here you get super-fast loading speed and excellent uptime.
Zyro Performance and Loading Speed Results
We used the Sucuri load time tester tool to check its speed, where it has an average response time of 0.693 seconds, which is so impressive and super fast.

The same if we look at the performance grade, then it is an "A" Grade. (you can see this in the screenshot above)

Now if we come to "Uptime", then you will never be disappointed there too.

Zyro offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and in our research, we found that the platform's uptime has been consistent at 99.99% over the past 6 months, which is mind-blowing.

Thus, users can access your website on the Internet for the maximum amount of time.

2) Impressive AI Tools

Zyro includes a number of AI tools in its services, which is quite impressive.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, many tasks become very easy, and you do not even have to put in any effort.

Even if you are not experienced, you will not need any professional help to optimize your website and content, as AI-powered tools are designed in such a way that makes your task much easier.
Tools, Features, and Services are offered by Zyro
Zyro offers a Business Name Generator tool that helps you find a unique name for your business so that you can build your brand in the market.

Apart from this, you also get the Heatmap feature, with the help of which you notify you which part of your website or webpage the visitors are spending the most time.

Here you get tools like Logo Maker, Slogan Maker, Favicon Generator, Image Enhancer, and Photo Resizer in one place.

If you do not have time to write content for your website, Zyro also offers you a content generator tool, an automatic meta tags tool, and a blog title generator tool.

With the help of these tools, it becomes very easy to write High-Quality and SEO Friendly articles. All this work is done through AI writers.

3) Most Affordable and Money-Saving Deal

All Zyro website builder plans are much more affordable.

In fact, the starting plan is so cheap that everyone who wants to buy a website builder but gets frustrated due to a budget can enjoy it to the fullest.

If you don't use a website builder, you will need to have some knowledge of HTML to build a website, or you may need to hire a web developer who charges a lot of money to build a website.

However, Zyro makes this task easy for you too, you don't even need to learn "coding" here.

As a result, you can create a great website tailored to your needs in no time. Even you are saving money.

Zyro's introductory plan starts at $2.59 per month, where you get all the basic features you need to build a website.

Even if you go for the premium plan, it is also very affordable, starting from just $3.59 per month.

4) Plenty of Payment Processing Methods

You must have often come across different payment methods while making purchases on big eCommerce websites.

The more payment options there are, the more profit owners running an eCommerce website can make.

There are all types of customers, some prefer to pay by card, some through a wallet, some through net banking, and some opt for cash on delivery option.

Zyro offers multiple payment methods on its plans. If you choose the Business plan, you get over 20 payment processing options.

Here you get payment methods like Cards, Bank Debits, Bank Redirects, Bank Transfers, vouchers, Coupons, Wallets, Stripe, PayPal, and Pay Later.

This is something users running an eCommerce website should take advantage of.

Zyro also provides the option of automatic tax calculation, through which tax is automatically added to each product sold on the eCommerce website. This makes your work easier.

You can also offer discount coupons to attract customers, which leads to more sales.

5) Free Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud hosting is considered to be one of the best web hosting services.

Most pro bloggers and website owners host their websites on cloud server hosting as there are very less chances of server downtime.

Moreover, you can upgrade the resources as per your requirement without changing the entire hosting plan.

The good thing is that free web hosting is offered to you when you buy any plan from Zyro.

But the best thing we liked is that Zyro hosts all its users' websites on cloud servers.

Zyro also offers an automatic scaling feature on its cloud servers, which means that whenever your website needs more resources (bandwidth and storage), Zyro will automatically scale them.

In short, Zyro's cloud servers will automatically scale resources as your website grows.

6) Multiple Free Templates

Zyro offers plenty of beautiful templates on its plans, which are customizable.

It usually happens that if too many templates are presented in front of you, you will definitely get confused.

Users do not understand which templates they should choose for their website from so many options.

But the good thing here is that Zyro has divided all its templates into different categories to make your work easier.

Here you can choose the best template for your website as per your choice without any hassle.

Here you will also get to see some such templates which completely convert your website into a professional look, which makes your website look very attractive.

You can also customize these templates at your convenience. We really liked this feature of Zyro, as it is much easier to customize the templates here than on other website builders.

7) Drag-and-drop Interface

It is fun to work where drag-and-drop is available.

Zyro comes with a great drag-and-drop editor for customizing the website's layout.

It is so simple that even a novice can use it without any guidance.

You can also easily customize the mobile version of your website using the drag-and-drop editor, you can change colors, you can add text or a contact form, can easily embed videos or Instagram feeds.

You can do whatever you want. All you have to do is drag and drop the required elements onto the page you are working on.

8) 24/7 Customer Support Service

I guess you must want to know how is the customer support service of Zyro.

Well, Zyro offers a live chat and email support system, which is available 24/7.

While researching Zyro, we used the live chat support system several times. Although the response is not immediate, you will have to wait for about 5 to 10 minutes.

But I must say that the response and answers we received from the support team are very satisfactory, which never let you down.

So yeah, Zyro's customer support service is superb, which we're very impressed by.

Zyro also provides an extensive knowledge base section on their website, where you can find answers to almost all your queries related to their platform, that too through well-written articles.

9) Money-Back Guarantee

Zyro gives you 30 days to try its services. When you choose any plan from Zyro, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee on each plan.

This means if you don't like Zyro's service, you can cancel the plan and get your money back.

Cons of Zyro Website Builder (Disadvantages)

1) Limited Customization Options

There is no doubt that Zyro is affordable as compared to others. It also offers all the premium features that you can find with the leading website builders.

It's also easy and simple to use, but you're offered only a limited set of website customization features, which is enough to build a basic website.

But if you want to create a design on your own, or if you have a specific design in mind for your website, then you may be disappointed.

If you want your website to be up quickly, or are satisfied with the basic design, then Zyro is an excellent choice for you.

But if you are a professional or want to design templates of your choice, you can explore other website builders.

2) Can't Switch Templates Once the Site is Ready

Although Zyro is one of our favorite website builders, the biggest drawback we found during testing is that once you've set up a template, you can't change it once the website is live.

You should do a lot of thinking before finalizing any template on Zyro. Because once the template is finalized, you cannot switch your website to any other template.

Another drawback we found with Zyro is that you only have 100 templates to choose from, but other website builder providers offer many more templates than that.

Zyro's Website Builder Customer Ratings

Let's find out what ratings real customers give to Zyro Website Builder.
Zyro's Website Builder Customer Ratings
As you can see over 500 real users on Trustpilot have rated Zyro Website Builder.

Real users rated Zyro Website Builder 4.3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, and 81% of users rated it 5 stars, which is really amazing.

What are the plans and prices offered by Zyro Website Builder?

Of course, Zyro is the most affordable website builder in the industry, but you won't find any free plans here. So Zyro offers two plans, which are as follows:
  • Website
  • Business

So let us know about these two plans one by one below:
What are the plans and prices offered by Zyro Website Builder?

Zyro Website Plan, Pricing, and Features

This plan is ideal for users who want to create a blog website, a professional portfolio website, a personal website, or even a business website.

Here you get three billing options, which are as follows:
  • Monthly Billing Cycle: $11.99 per month
  • 1-Year Billing Cycle: $3.29 per month
  • 2 Years Billing Cycle: $2.59 per month (with an additional 1 month free)

With the Website Plan, you get: (Features)
  • Free Domain (free for 1 year only)
  • Free Custom Email Account (free for 3 months)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Several Market Integrations
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • SSL Certificate
  • Multiple AI-Powered Tools
  • And more

Zyro Business Plan, Pricing, and Features

This plan is ideal for users who want to sell products and services by creating an eCommerce website.

The billing prices of the Business plan are as follows:
  • Monthly Billing Cycle: $14.99 per month
  • 1-Year Billing Cycle: $4.99 per month
  • 2 Years Billing Cycle: $3.59 per month (with an additional 1 month free)

With the Business Plan, you get: (Features)
  • Similar features to the Website plan
  • List up to 500 Products for Sale
  • Accept Online Payments
  • 20+ Payment Processing Options
  • Email Notifications
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Booking - Clients can book their appointments
  • And more

Inventory management features make it easy for you to track how many products you have left in each category.

Final Verdict on Is Zyro a Good Website Builder?

So far in this article, we have discussed Zyro Website Builder in-depth with its advantages and disadvantages, plans, features, and pricing.

But still, you must be wondering whether Zyro is the right choice for your website or not?

Our team has researched and tested many website builders to date. And we consider Zyro to be one of the best website builders.

Here you get a brilliant website builder with many amazing tools and free web hosting service. In this way, you get all the resources in one place, which is suitable for building and running a website.

Zyro is an excellent choice for those users who have no knowledge of coding at all. Especially suitable for beginners and users running small websites.

Although users who have coding and technical knowledge can also use it, but they may be a little disappointed due to limited customization features.

Zyro is affordable, easy to use, and simple too and you can create a great website in very little time.

Of course, there are limited customization options, but the features that are being provided to you here are enough to create a beautiful, attractive, professional, and highly functional website.

Plus here you are offered many AI-powered tools and SEO tools, due to which the chances of your business growth are very high.

So what are your thoughts about this in-depth review of Zyro Website Builder mentioned above, do let us know your opinion in the comment box below.

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